Feel the purest nature on your skin
100% natural cosmetics for the body. Body oils, creams, exfoliants, balms, gels … Ecological and high quality. Enjoy daily body care without toxins or additives.

+10 Organic Shea Butter body milk Regenerating 500 ml
100% Organic Shea Butter Ecological and essential 100 ml
100% organic St. John’s Wort Calming 60 ml
Almond oil Natural softness 500 ml
Almond oil Natural softness 200 ml
Arnica body oil Relief 500 ml
Arnica body oil Relief 60 ml
Artiflex Muscle anti-inflammatory 100 ml
Blume relax By Thais Blume
Body Active Tired legs 200 ml
Body Slim Slimming 200 ml
Body toner with aromatherapy by Marta López
Calendula body oil Calming 500 ml
Calendula body oil Calming 125 ml
Essentials pack by Sfennous
Eucalyptus body oil Breathe 60 ml
Green clay with Aloe Vera Purifying 300 gr
Horse Chestnut body oil Circulatory 60 ml
Marseille Liquid soap The authentic 1000 ml
Marseille soap Artisanal 600 gr.
Musk and Almond body milk Moisturizing 300 ml
desodorante de árbol de té
Natural Tea Tree deodorant Aluminum and triclosan free 75 ml
Orange Blossom body oil Wellness 60 ml
Organic Argan and Lavender shower gel Antioxidant 750 ml
Organic Argan body milk and Lavender Antioxidant 500 ml
Organic Argan Oil Antioxidant 60 ml
Organic argan pack Antioxidant by Marta López
Organic Linden & Lemon exfoliating shower gel No plastic particles 200 ml
Organic Linden & Lemon shower gel Refreshing 750 ml
Organic Rose Hip and Calendula body milk Body moisturizer 500 ml
Organic Rose Hip and Marigold shower gel Moisturizing 750 ml
Organic shea butter +10 shower gel Body regenerating 750 ml
Organic Shea Butter hand and foot cream Ecological shea 100 ml
Pure and organic + 10 Shea Butter Natural regenerating 100 ml
Pure organic Aloe Vera Skin regenerating 200 ml
Pure Organic Rosehip oil Regenerating 30 ml
Rose Hip body oil Regenerating 500 ml
Rose hip body oil Regenerating 125 ml
Silhouette body oil Natural fat burning 500 ml
Silhouette body oil Natural fat burning 125 ml
Tea Tree gel-shampoo Natural antiseptic 300 ml
Vegan-ing Pack by Míriam Fabà
Wheat Germ Massage Cream Base cream without perfume 1000 ml

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It's only natural to take care of yourself

Natural ingredients

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