Body toner with aromatherapy

by Marta López

I recommend that you accompany your exercise routine with my Body toner method with aromatherapy, as unique as it is natural.

Activate your body! Activate your mind!

• Body active. 200 ml
• Silhouette body oil. 125 ml
• Peppermint essential oil. 12 ml

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by Marta López


Step 1

Silhouette body oil.
Apply silhouette oil with a vigorous massage until it fully penetrates your skin. It will activate your circulation and help eliminate water retention.

Step 2

Peppermint essential oil.
Not only does peppermint smell amazing, but it also gives a fantastic boost to your mood. It can help shake off that mental fog we feel after a bad night's sleep or a long day at work.
But mint truly stands out for the way it dispels fatigue and lifts your spirits.
How to use it: Inhale before you begin your exercise routine. Open the bottle and holding it 10 cm from your nose and take three relaxed breaths. Repeat midway through your exercise routine if you find yourself lacking energy.
You can also use it in an oil diffuser. Use alone or with orange essential oil to create a fresh, aromatic, and lively environment.

Step 3

Body Active.
Apply to your legs after exercise. They will feel lighter and you will notice that it will help you recover faster and avoid soreness the next day.
Keep in the fridge to provide calm, cool, freshness immediately upon use.


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