Musk is the commercial name for a fragrance that has long been entertwined with the history of humanity. It is an essence of animal origin thta has a warm, sweet scent that, when in contact with the skin, is very enduring. It was originally extracted from the caudal glands of male musk deer proceeding form Tibet, China, and Nepal.

This secretion sparked sexual attraction in female deer, and was thus considered an erotic perfume.

Musk is the ingredient that lends this  essence its unique scent: sweet, warm, and long-lasting. The extraction method of this prized substance almost meant the total extinction of the musk deer population. Today, the scent of this extract  is synthetically reconstructed by almost all modern companies.

For more than 20 years, Mon has made our own MUSK, fabricated from more than seventy plant-based extracts and essential oils. It is a timeless classic with a lot of personality. Then, as now, it continues to delight with the many pleasant sensations it provokes.