Body oils

Almond oil
Natural softness 500 ml
Almond oil
Natural softness 200 ml
Arnica body oil
Relief 500 ml
Arnica body oil
Relief 60 ml
Calendula body oil
Calming 500 ml
Calendula body oil
Calming 125 ml
Eucalyptus body oil
Breathe 60 ml
Horse Chestnut body oil
Circulatory 60 ml
Orange Blossom body oil
Wellness 60 ml
Organic Argan Oil
Antioxidant 60 ml
Pure Organic Rosehip oil
Regenerating 30 ml
Rose Hip body oil
Regenerating 500 ml
Rose hip body oil
Regenerating 125 ml
Silhouette body oil
Natural fat burning 500 ml
Silhouette body oil
Natural fat burning 125 ml

Body oils extracted from natural ingredients

Protect and hydrate your skin with our body oils. We make them from natural extracts of a wide variety of ingredients to offer the specific benefits that each skin needs.

For people who’s work-life requires them to spend many hours in the same position, there is nothing better than starting the day by applying our horse chestnut body oil. Ideal for tired legs, it will help eliminate water retention as its anti-inflammatory properties refresh and alleviate legs that tend to feel heavy.

Many essential oils also help you fight off disease with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Eucalyptus oil is a good example. Massage it into the chest and neck or include in your baths to improve respiratory ailments and cold or flu symptoms.

Many of the oils are ideal for massage. That’s why we have some of them offered in a large format for frequent use or for professionals. Sculpt your figure with the aid of massage using our Silhouette body oil. You will value its fat-burning properties while it also provides flexibility and elasticity to the skin.

Reduce stretch marks, scars, or acne marks with Rose hip Body Oil.

Massage with Almond and Calendula oil to soothe and relieve inflammation or skin irritations. Its natural properties are ideally suited to treating dermatosis, psoriasis or rashes. Suitable for all skin types, this oil is helpful in treating diaper rash or used as a soothing balm after too much sun exposure.

We encourage you to try these oils as a moisturizer after the shower

It's written on our face: We love nature

Natural ingredients

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