Blume relax

with aromatherapy

Need to relax? It’s easy, here are my tips for a relaxing routine as natural as it is effective.

“Nature is a perfect art, with no touch-ups and no additives” That is the motto of Thais Blume.

She is an innate artist, known for her acting career and now the designer and creator of her own jewelry brand.

• Organic Argan and Lavender gel. 750 ml
• Organic Argan and Lavender body milk. 500 ml
• Lavender essential oil. 12 ml

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By Thais Blume


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Step 1

Take a shower with Argan and Lavender bath gel. Enjoy its anti-oxidant properties as it either helps you greet the day with a calm mind or disconnect and relax when night comes.

Step 2

Hydrate with argan and lavender body milk

Step 3

My tricks with lavender essence:
- Put a couple of drops on the pillow to help drift into sweet slumber.
-Give yourself an effective little massage that will calm the mind: Take two drops of lavender and massage your big toe. Thanks to reflexology we know that the big toe is the reflex zone for the head so this massage helps melt away mental tension
- Inhale deeply when you are feeling restless or nervous.


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