Of all the citric oils, the Mandarine essential oil is the most delicate perfume. Its name comes from the Chinese mandarin oranges (tangerines or mandarins). Came to Europe through Italy in the XIX Century. They owe their name to the fact that the fruit was traditionally given as a present to the Chinese Mandarins.

Anxious people having trouble sleeping should eat tangerines after dinner, as they contain bromine (a naturally soothing substance) and are rich in vitamin C.

Because of its fine soothing action, it is a must-have oil at home if we have kids. It can be used in baths and for stomach problems. Dilute in an almond oil base to massage on the stomach. Massage should be done in a clockwise direction, the direction of the intestines circulation, unless diarrhea is a complicating factor. It is also useful for sensitive skin, the elderly, and those in delicate health.

Our Tangerine essential oil is 100% natural and is certified by Cosmos-Ecocert.