Organic argan pack

by Marta López

Can you be too good?

Is it difficult when everyone loves you?

Incredible when everyone needs you?

Fortunately, you might never know.

Unless you’re a perfect bottle of

pure organic argan oil.

Marta Lopez is the perfect resemblance of argan oil: lovely, relaxed…

someone who works hard to be her best each day.

• Organic argan and lavender shower gel. 750 ml
• Organic argan and lavender body milk. 500 ml
• Organic argan oil. 60 ml
• Argan face cream. 50 ml

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by Marta López


A liquid gold treasure!

If you have ever been to Morocco, you are almost sure to be offered argan oil. Locals present it as if it were a true treasure. And it is. Its composition makes it a great regenerator for the skin. Though it is an oil, argan does not promote oiliness or provoke acne. It is non-comedogenic. It is one of the few natural oils that can be used even on oily skin.


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