Essentials pack

by Sfennous

In the Essentials Pack, you will find the items that, for me, are the essentials in my daily skincare routine. You’ll always see these products in my videos, and they are already part of my skincare family. I have gathered in a single pack everything you need to have skin that is healthy, protected, nourished, cared for, radiant, and free!

• Pure Shea Butter. 100 ml
• Tree Mon anti-acne roll-on. 10 ml.
• Organic Rosehip Oil. 30 ml
• Green clay with Aloe Vera. 300 gr.

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by Sfennous


Shea Butter

Number one here since for me it is the king of this pack, my dear shea! This organic shea butter provides nutrition and repair to the skin at its deepest layers. It nourishes the skin, repairs it, and brings it back to life. Something that
I love about it is its texture, and how easy it is to blend with essential oils. I also love the fact that it is great for every skin type, never clogging or overwhelming the skin as shea butter is perfectly non-comedogenic.

Anti-Acne Roll-on

Fast and easy. That’s the anti-acne roll-on. Effective and easy to use. As soon as you see a pimple pop up, apply this roll-on. It is composed of ingredients that act as bodyguards for our
skin, such as tea tree, nature's great antibacterial and antiseptic.

Rose hip Oil

Nature’s great eraser. Rosehip helps eliminate those small marks that may remain from pimples, scars, or any little blemish our skin may have. Apply it
alone, or add a few drops to your shea butter. Remember that it is photosensitive, so use only in your night time routine, which is when our skin has time to repair.

Green clay with Aloe Vera

No question about it: masks are essential. This green clay mask with Aloe Vera purifies not only soothes and regenerates the skin. It also provides deep cleaning to the pores, eliminating any impurities and preventing the appearance of pimples. Apply it 1-2 times a week.


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