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Marigold and Rosehip Gel+Shampoo
Moisturizing 750 ml
Jabón líquido de Marsella
Marseille Liquid soap
The authentic 1000 ml
Jabón de Marsella
Natural deodorant Marigold and Rosehip Bio
Aluminum and triclosan free 75 ml
Organic Argan and Lavender shower gel
Antioxidant 750 ml
Gel de tilo y limón
Gel de baño de Manteca de Karité +10

Clean your skin with the best natural ingredients

Good skincare begins with its hygiene. A good cleaning frees us from the pollutants that surround us in the environment and helps the skin to regenerate and get rid of dead cells.

For daily hygiene, MON has a selection of natural soaps, bath and shower gels, exfoliating scrub and natural deodorant. Many of the products are suitable for use by the whole family, protecting and caring for everyone's skin.

The use of organic gels is highly recommended since their natural plant-based ingredients are gentle for the environment and for our skin. They are important for maintaining the skin’s natural balance, avoiding the damage that more aggressive synthetic cosmetics could do.

Decide what natural ingredients you want in your bath gels based on what your skin needs the most. If you have dry skin, choose calendula or linden for maximum hydration. If you need to regenerate the skin, argan or shea butter will be your greatest allies.

For body care at MON, we also use the famous soap from Marseille. We have it in both a liquid format and in a rustic bar soap format so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Especially suitable for oily skin, it is also suitable for any skin type, including dry skin or combination skin.

In addition to daily hygiene, it is advisable to exfoliate the skin once a week. With the Linden and Lemon exfoliating gel, you will easily remove dead cells, leaving the skin clean, smooth, and unblemished.


It's written on our face: We love nature

Natural ingredients

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