Facial cream

crema facila de caléndula i rosa mosqueta
Tratamiento facial de cereza bio
Eye contour with organic cherry
Purifying 15 ml
crema facial de aloe vera
Organic Aloe Vera facial cream
Balancing 50 ml
Tratamiento facial de cereza bio
Organic certified cherry facial cream and serum pack
Firming Cream 50 ml; serum 30 ml
Leche corporal de Rosa Mosqueta y Caléndula
Pure Aloe Vera Gel
Skin regenerating 200 ml
Anti-wrinkle treatment
Anti wrinkle
Facial treatment for combination skin
Combination skin
Productos naturales reafirmantes
Firming treatment
All skin types
Plan for oily or acne-prone skin
Oily or acne skin
Productos para pieles sensibles
Sensitive skin treatment
Sensitive skin

Keep your complexion nourished and hydrated

A moment for you ...skincare is very important, both for our health and our image. Choosing the right moisturizer will help you nourish your skin, aid your expression, and brighten your complexion. It will also tone,  rejuvenate, and refresh the skin.

Face creams

At MON we have a wide array of moisturizers so you are sure to find the ideal product to make your skin glow with health:

  • Regenerating creams: These help to give vitality and a healthy glow with natural ingredients such as shea butter.

  • Moisturizing and nourishing creams: Use a base of calendula and rosehip.

  • Balancing creams or purifying creams: Here Aloe Vera is used to balance combination skin.

  • Sun protection creams: Made with natural ingredients such as Abyssinian oil.

  • Soothing creams: Help sensitive skin to recover from irritation such as that produced by extreme weather conditions or shaving.


Natural Hyaluronic Acid

Some of our creams contain natural Hyaluronic Acid, which helps fight wrinkles by giving the skin tone and volume. It increases the skin's ability to retain moisture, making it ideal for mature skin prone to dryness. You can find it combined with Argan in order to maximize its regenerating effect, or with Tea Tree for use on oily skin.


Acne or other skin infections

Teen acne, adult acne, pimples, and severe acne are skin infections. To aid these complexions we recommend the use of natural and certified products with active ingredients that will provide the ideal treatment.

Moisturizing creams with tea tree oil are the perfect ally for those who have any type of acne. Ideal for both adolescents and adults. The natural benefits of this ingredient are ideal to safeguard skin prone to acne and other infections.


What do facial creams do for us?

The main properties of facial creams are skin regeneration, hydration, protection from external agents, and purification. A good facial care cream should balance your skin.

For true, healthy balance it is essential that you avoid very aggressive creams or those that offer you miraculous solutions. Our products are designed to make your skin shine with health and to respect its needs and its natural equilibrium.

Mon's natural face creams also can boast of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, purifying, and healing properties. You can even use them as a poultice since the therapeutic effects of their ingredients have been proven through the ages.

It's written on our face: We love nature

Natural ingredients

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