Anti-wrinkle treatment

Wrinkles? Only the ones that appear when I laugh! 🙂 Here are our suggestions this anti-wrinkle treatment for some facial care at home to treat and prevent wrinkles while refreshing and regenerating your complexion.

• Rose cleansing milk
• Organic rose water
• Pure rosehip oil
• Green clay with aloe vera
• Argan facial cream

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Every day. Morning and night:

1.- Cleanse your skin with rose cleansing milk.
2.- Rinse it with the gentleness of organic rose water.
3.- Moisturize and protect your skin with organic Argan cream, containing both vegan hyaluronic acid and red sap extract (also known as ‘Dragon's blood’).

Once a week, indulge in some intensive care with this natural ritual:

1.- Cleanse your skin with rose milk.
2.- Rinse with organic rose water.
3.- Take a piece of cotton gauze and soak with a blend of rose water (one tablespoon, approx) and organic rosehip oil (one teaspoon).
4.- Soak two cotton pads with rose water and place them over your eyes.
5.- Lay the gauze on your face like a mask and cover with a thin layer of green clay with aloe vera on top.
6.- Let it act for 15 minutes and clean the excess with rose water.
7.- Finish by applying the organic Argan cream.