Horse Chestnut Tree is an extract that has nothing to do with the chestnuts we eat during winter.

On the contrary, it is a tree with beautiful white flowers. From its seed we extract the “aescin”, a natural active principle that reduces inflammation and leg pain. It is an excellent “venous” medic that favours blood flow and prevents from water retention.

Our speciality is aromatherapy, mixing essential oils to get awesome results. To the extract of Horse Chestnut Tree we added the refreshing essential oil of Mint, the blood circulation properties of Cypress, combined with the diuretic Lemon and the power of Rosemary.

You can use the Horse Chestnut Tree body oil daily if suffering from varicose veins or blood flow problems. We also recommend it to you if your legs use to swell when it is hot, or if after a great ramble you need to recover comfort for your extremities quickly. Use it after shower, massaging from the bottom up, from the legs toward heart, and you will be ready for action!