Frankincense essential oil

Boswelia Carteri Resin Oil

Purifying, sedating, anti-inflammatory and astringent. Frankincense has many benefits for our health. It slows the breath and brings on a state of inner peace, reducing stress and nervous tension. Used on the skin, it aids in reducing the appearance of scarring and our expression lines, becoming a powerful ally in your anti-aging care, firming mature, dry, and aged skin.



12 ml

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Tips & tricks

MASSAGE: Use in massage treatments to soothe anxiety, depression, nervous tension, stress, and emotional trauma. Creates a healing state for the recipient to reconnect with their inner calm and bring clarity.

FACIAL: Extremely useful in beauty treatments because of its anti-wrinkle effect. Its frequent application provides an anti-aging and toning effect on mature, dry, or aged skins.
For dry and/or mature skin, we will add two drops of frankincense in 5 drops of rose hip or argan oil to provide an anti-wrinkle and healing effect.

Aromatherapy benefits

Essential oil obtained by distillation of the resin. Frankincense relaxes and slows breathing, creating a peaceful and meditative ambience.
Active principle: A-pineno, Limoneno.


Do not swallow. Non-toxic when applied on the skin. Non-irritating. Not recommended during regnancy.


Boswelia Carteri Resin Oil

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